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Who We are


To unite African people in climate action to save, protect, conserve and interact sustainably with Africa’s natural resources.


To create generations of Africans who will be active players in keeping Africa green and maintaining a healthy environment.


Keep mama Africa Green


Africa has contributed the least to historic greenhouse gas emissions, yet it is one of the most vulnerable continents to climate change. It contains more climate-sensitive economies than other regions of the world. Many parts of the continent will suffer from falls in agricultural productivity, a rising number of people exposed to water and food stress, volatile hydropower resources, flooding of coastal settlements, and possibly a significant expansion of diseases.

Green Campaign Africa raises awareness about climate change and environment, trains and educates people of all ages and gets into action to prevent more effects of climate change. Together, we are calling on African leaders to act now and solve this crisis. 

GCA rallies environmentalist and passionate people who care about the environment and climate to push for urgent climate action and prevent the catastrophic destabilization of Africa’s climate.

GCA uses music and art to communicate climate change and promote environmental protection. GCA signs prominent artists in the country who use their talents to popularize climate change and promote climate action.

GCA is the proud sponsor of Uganda’s first environmental/climate change song sang by its goodwill ambassador Ronald Mayinja.


Despite these challenges, decisive action on climate change is a development opportunity for Africa which is why the Green Campaign Africa (GCA) empowers Africans with knowledge to protect Africa’s natural resources and to sustainably use them. The campaign brings together Africans to demand climate action and real change. The time is now to speak out and spread the truth about climate change so that we empower and inspire others to work toward solutions.

For many years African civilizations have been dependent on the natural environment for meeting all their needs. Through development, health care advances and other contributory factors, there has been a tremendous rise in the human population.  Increased populations also meant greater demands were placed on the natural resources and environmental services. This simultaneously also saw an increase in the amount of waste and pollution generated. It’s therefore seen that the interactions between people and the environment cannot be separated, but with the strain our resources have succumbed to over the years, have resulted in the exploitation of resources at a rapid and unsustainable rate that the future inheritors of Africa will eventually have very little, if not none of the resources current generations have access to. 


It is therefore imperative that as Africans and custodians of these resources, be empowered with knowledge to protect these resources. That awareness is raised and environmental issues are also highlighted alongside development issues Africa faces to date. It is equally important that we develop our people whilst we also protect the resources, which were not only meant to enrich us, but were also meant to enrich our future descendants who also rightly deserve to inherit these precious resources, together with a green Africa in which they can also thrive in.