Basic needs are commonly known as food, shelter and clothes but did you know that as much as they are important- we can fore go them for some days? You can delay having lunch or even the three meals a day and have them the next day. Shelter is important but you can still choose to fore go it for a night and nothing happens. For clothes I do not have to tell you that some people up to now do not wear them and in the modern society they’re becoming too short to serve their purpose. But did you know that now there’s something we cannot afford to delay, compromise, or even forego? By doing so we’re condemning ourselves to grave repercussions.

” Our major problem in Africa we take long to respond to problems and we always expect others to solve them. On a sad note we are taking very risky chances with climate change! “

Acting on Climate Change is such a necessity in the 21st century. Our inaction is costing us lives, biodiversity, risking our economies and most importantly risking the lives of future generations. What shall we tell our descendants when they ask us where we were while the ecosystem was deteriorating? We should be able to respond that we did all in our power to save it, we should be able to show the trees we planted, point out the endangered species we saved, the wetlands and other creatures we conserved, the policies we facilitated, formulated, and lobbied.

On the 23rd of September 2014, a UN climate summit will took place in New York. Former UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon invited world leaders, from government, finance, business and civil society to galvanize and catalyze climate action. He requested bold announcements and actions that would reduce emissions, strengthen climate resilience and mobilize political will which resulted into a meaningful legal agreement in 2015. What an opportune moment that was! But what did this mean for us? The UN Summit provided us with a real opportunity to add our voices and join hands to ensure that we mitigate the harmful effects of climate change.

Millions of people across the world mobilized to host events that shaped the course of history. On the 21st of September 2014, New York experienced the world’s biggest climate change protest ever. Many events around the world were staged; children, youth, adults, women and men called on their leaders to make ecofriendly decisions and commit themselves.

Individuals, groups and communities took bold actions to ensure their descendants inherit a healthier and safer climate.

The outcome of the summit and that of COP21 were both remarkable but most of them have since remained on paper!

We don’t have time to keep good policies and commitments in shelves. There is an urgent need to put our words in actions.

There is danger in delaying climate action.

 Each of us can do something to save the only planet we all call home.

The climate change crisis can be defeated if all of us stand together as one.

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