Africa is very prone to the effects of climate change. The continent is already affected and it continues to be hit with more effects every day.

Our major problem in Africa we take long to respond to problems and we always expect others to solve them. On a sad note we are taking very risky chances with climate change!

Uganda like other African countries is experiencing a lot of extreme weather events that have left many people without food, homeless, poorer, hungrier among others. Interestingly Uganda is among countries with the best climate change policies but implementation is far from realization.

Climate change awareness and action is mostly kept at the top level. The whole country has one coordinating climate change office based in the capital Kampala. Most parts of the country are disconnected from climate change information and action from government.

Most Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) are also based in Kampala city making it very difficult for communities outside Kampala to participate in climate change activities.

Green Campaign Africa (GCA) understands the role of local communities in fighting climate change. We began the country’s first community climate action program which delivers climate change awareness and action at grassroots level to improve public understanding of climate change and promote individual actions that can help to address it.

We move around the country promoting climate change literacy, forming local environmental clubs, training green campaigners, creating community/school kitchen gardens that create fresh seasonal food free from pesticides.

We run community climate campaigns where we rally local people behind causes that are aimed at saving natural resources and the environment.

We also promote indigenous and fruit tree planting in local communities.