Green thursdays

What is Green Thursday?

Green Thursday is an initiative of Green Campaign Africa (GCA) that is held every Two weeks on Thursdays. It brings together environmentalists, climate change activists, and lovers of nature to find solutions to the changing climate while promoting green practices. Green Thursday is held at all levels of society. It also promotes community climate action where locals gather in their localities to discuss environmental issues affecting their communities

Why Green Thursday?

We don’t have time to wait for conferences and there’s danger in delaying climate action.

It’s imperative that we regularly empower, enlighten, educate and inform our communities to inspire climate action.

Where can Green Thursday be held?

Green Thursday can be hosted at any community level such as; school, community center, municipality hall, church, office, university, classroom, café, friend’s place, home or anywhere deemed suitable to hold an environmental event that can create solutions.

Green Thursday can also be hosted online.

Who can host Green Thursday?

Green Thursday can be hosted by anyone who cares about our environment and voluntary work. We strongly recommend that a person with basic knowledge of the environment takes the leading role. Some of the recommended leaders include, conservation groups, farmers, climate change activists, student leaders and local leaders.

Who can attend Green Thursday?

Green Thursday is open to all people including children.

What Topics /issues and actions can be discussed during Green Thursday?

Topical issues such as;

Renewable energy, Climate change, Waste management, Agriculture, Food, security,Water, Forests,Plastics,  Meat free Thursday, Tree planting among others


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